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  • Hannah Farms East Project Update

    As an update, Capstone  has again granted an extension to the Meridian Township Board on the Hannah Farms East project to October 15, 2017.  The 15th. seems a bit unusual as it is a Sunday and Township Board meetings are on the 3rd and 17th in October.  Therefore, assuming another extension is not granted, Hannah Farms East would have to be back on the Township Board’s agenda for the October 3rd meeting.  The latest information we have is that Capstone is[...]

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    2017 Annual Meeting Follow-up

    First, thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting.  It was good to come together and have an opportunity to meet new neighbors and discuss our issues of interest.  I thought we had great participation and meaningful dialog.  Please view a copy of the minutes.  We will accept any corrections or additions and approve the minutes at our next annual meeting.  If it is an item that is incorrect and impacts actions to be taken before our next general meeting, please[...]

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    Hannah Farms/Meridian Township Board Update

    Dear Neighbors: I just learned yesterday that the Hannah Farms East project will NOT be on the agenda for the Meridian Township Board meeting of June 20th.  The developer and the Board have agreed to another extension.  It is now scheduled to be on the agenda for the July 18, 2017 meeting.  Please mark your calendars and plan on attending if at all possible.  Additionally, if you have not yet sent your correspondence to the Board members, please do so at your earliest [...]

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    Email Meridian Township Board Members

    Dear ILE Neighbors: Our neighbor, Kristen Caswell suggested--and I concur--we consider sending emails to the Meridian Township Board members urging smart and responsible planning on the proposed Hannah Farms East project as well as expressing our support for a setting aside and preserving a “swath” of land between ILE and the Hannah Farms property to our west.  Although attending Township meetings and having a show of people is the most impactful, a messaging campaign could be extremely [...]

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    Township Board Meeting Lodges-Capstone

    Dear Indian Lakes Estates Neighbors: I have been contacted by Mark Kieselback, Planning and Development Director for Meridian Township, informing that the latest phase of the Lodges/Capstone project will be taken up by the Board at their meeting tomorrow Tuesday May 2nd.  I understand that the meeting starts at 6 pm and this item is near the top of the agenda.  This particular phase under consideration has been recommended for approval to the Board by the Planning [...]

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