• September 11, 2020 Minutes

  • ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

    Item 1.
    A special meeting of the ILEHA Board of Directors was called to order by Joe Pavona at 6:37 pm. The meeting was conducted as a call-in due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Members present were Cindy Carson, Jill Garnett, Sean Looman, Carol Chapman, and Joe Pavona. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposed terms that resulted from the facilitation meeting as ordered by the Meridian Township Board that included the Eyde Company, Meridian Township and the ILEHA. ILEHA was represented by Joe Pavona, legal counsel Kevin Roragen and resident Dave Skole. The Township Board ordered the meeting in hopes of finding an arrangement on certain aspects of how the land north of the proposed Andev senior center project might be utilized in the future that in turn would help facilitate Meridian Township Board approval of the Andev project.
    The proposed terms of the arrangement are as follows:
    Eyde will combine the northernmost 5.5 acres into a permanent conservation easement.

    Eyde will allow for a minimum of 105 ft. buffer along the eastern boundary to augment the 5.5 acre conservation easement.

    Eyde will agree to join the Township and neighbors to find a way to permanently eliminate any future vehicular traffic through the stub street.  This may be a property donation or a vacation of the road.  Regardless of the method, the stub street will be vehicle free.

    In future years, when and if the property is developed, Eyde will consider donating additional property to expand the conservation easement.

    The Township shall allow the western service road (secondary access road proposed by Andev) to provide ingress/egress to the northern property.

    The Township shall work with the neighbors, and the Eyde family, to help determine the use of pathways throughout the easement.

    The Township will seek external funding to allow for the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Red Cedar River to connect the entire community to several amenities.

    After considerable discussion, the Board unanimously approved to continue not opposing the Andev senior center project and concur with the proposed terms of the arrangement. Given time constraints, the Board further agreed that it would immediately communicate by email with ILEHA members to provide a status update and thereby allowing an opportunity for feedback, should there be widespread concerns that would necessitate further consideration. Joe Pavona agreed to contact homeowners who directly border the proposed project to secure their personal input. Other Board members were encouraged to speak with neighbors.

    Item 2.
    Joe Pavona reported that Katie McPherson was interested in being considered to replace Tracy Pinto on the ILEHA Board. Following discussion and review of Katie’s bio, the Board unanimously approved the appointment.

    Item 3.
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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