• September 2, 2020 Minutes

  • ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

    Joe Pavona, Association President, called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the meeting was again being held by conference call-in. In attendance were Joe Pavona, Joe Tonnos, Sean Looman, Jill Garnett, and Cindy Carson.

    The Minutes of the July 27, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approve. Jill Garnett moved approval and Joe Tonnos seconded the motion.

    Treasurer: Sean Looman provided written reports for the period ending July 31, 2020 for both the Legal Fund Account as well as the General Fund Account. Sean further reported that to date 27 members had not yet paid their 2020/21 dues. Discussion followed. Joe Tonnos moved approval of the Treasurer’s Report and it was supported by Jill Garnett. The motion was unanimously approved.
    LINC: Cindy Carson reported that there was no new information from LINC. Membership: N/A (New members to the neighborhood include Tom and Grace Spaulding in the former Keena home).
    Maintenance: Joe Pavona reported positive progress with the insurance company covering the accident at the corner of Comanche and Mt. Hope in which ILE Entrance was damaged. New shrubs have been planted and boulders moved back into place as well as grass planted, and mulch restored. Joe additionally reported that Lawns and More cleared substantial brush from the northeast corner of the eastside of the entrance while they were repairing the damaged bed. Lawns and More took the initiative to do this because it had become overgrown and unsightly and that it would help with ease of maintenance and mowing. The Board agreed it enhanced the entrance and agreed to pay $200 to Lawns and More for their work. The repair of the damaged bed will be covered by insurance.
    Webmaster: N/A

    Old Business:
    Environmental Engineer Update – Sean reported that the contract with ASTI of Brighton has been developed—with assistance from the Engineering Work Group (Sean Looman, Dave Skole, and Joe Cissell)—and executed. ASTI is now waiting for our signal to move forward with their review of the surface water management plan for the Andev Senior Center according to the provision of the contract. It is anticipated that this may be a few months off as Andev has indicated they will not be ready to finalize their site plan for a number of months.
    Hannah Farm/Senior Center Update – The September 1, 2020 Meridian Township Board Zoom meeting was well attended by ILE members. Several homeowners offered public comment sharing their concerns about the proposed Andev senior living community. Township Board members Opsommer and Wisinski met with ILEHA members in an open-air meeting in the ILE subdivision. The meeting lasted about 90 minutes. There was substantial discussion, and the residents were made aware that the Township Board appeared to have the necessary votes to approve the proposed Andev project.

    New Business:
    Tracy Pinto has submitted her resignation from the ILEHA Board but has agreed to continue as our webmaster. Tracy also agreed to temporarily continue to maintain our ILEHA email address list as well as our neighborhood directory until a replacement is identified. The Board has identified resident Katie McPherson as a possible replacement for Tracy and authorized Joe P. to explore that possibility with Katie and report back to the Board.

    The next meeting will be October 21, 2020 at 7 pm.

    The meeting was adjourned following a motion by Jill Garnett and supported by Sue Webster.

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