• July 9, 2020

  • 1.   Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the meeting is again being held by conference call-in.  In attendance were Joe Pavona, Sean Looman, Sue Webster, Pat Lipsey, Carol Chapman, and Cindy Carson.   

    2.   The Minutes of May 14, 2020 meeting were reviewed and approved. Sean moved to accept the minutes; Pat supported the motion. The Minutes from the June 5, 2020 meeting were also reviewed and approved.  Cindy moved and Sean seconded.  

    3.   Reports:                                    

    Treasurer:  Sean Looman reports for the period of May 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2020 checks written were for Lawns and More, Consumers Energy, as well as for supplies for the annual mailing to members.  Sean further noted that 5 homeowners still have not paid their 2019/20 dues.

    LINC:  Cindy reports no new activity from LINC.

    Membership:  Jon Haun was not present.

    Webmaster:  Tracy Pinto was not present.

    Maintenance:  Joe P. reported on Lawns & More and our irrigation system (Redwood Landscaping).  Our community areas are well maintained at this time.  The entrance irrigation system and iron filtration system have both been adjusted/repaired and are working properly.      

    4.   Old Business:  
    Hannah Farms Update:  Joe reports that the Meridian Township Planning Commission passed Special Use Permit #20011 (Andev Group, LLC) on a 6-2 vote to establish an approximately 268,263 square foot senior living community comprised of 230 units on the undeveloped parcel of land to the immediate west of ILE.  The passage was contingent on 21 conditions being met by the developer, including sharing surface water management plan engineering calculations with ILEHA.  They also “recommended” approval to the Meridian Township Board of Trustees of Special Use Permit #20021 (Andev Group, LLC) for construction of a building (senior center) greater than 25,000 square feet on the sited noted above.  The Planning Commission does not have approval authority for this permit and only recommends to the Township Board.  The Township Board will likely discuss this item at its August 6, 2020 meeting. These two permits are both necessary for construction of the senior center. Special Use Permit #20011 is for land use and Special Use Permit #20021 is for size exceeding 25,000 square feet.

    Engineering Services:  Sean reports an estimate of 4-5 hours work for an engineering consultant to review and comment on the proposed surface water management plan developed by Andev for water management on the senior center property.  Sean will be heading up an engineering work group consisting of ILEHA members Dave Skole and Joe Cissell that will develop a scope of work to bid for these services. The Group will then make recommendations to the ILEHA Board on which bidder will be best able to assist ILEHA in insuring the senior center developer has an adequate drainage plan that not only meets all standards and requirements but has no negative impact on ILE.       

    Hannah Farms Next Steps:  It was agreed that the Board will solicit offers from a surface water specialty engineering firm.

    Drain Commissioner Meeting:  Sue Webster reports that she and Joe Tonnos sent photos to Pat Lindemann concerning recent flooding in ILE.

    Annual Meeting:  It was agreed that the Annual meeting will be postponed due to Covid-19.

    Mohican Park Irrigation Project:  It was agreed to table this item until we have more information on costs related to securing a consulting engineering firm.  

    5.  New Business:  
    The ILEHA Board election results were reported.  Jon Haun (Section 1 candidate) received 48 votes; Tracy Pinto (Section 2 candidate) received 48 votes, and Sean Looman (Section 3 candidate) received 47.

    Joe P. reported that Dave Metts, our neighborhood police officer is retiring in August.  Our new police representative will be Officer Wes Talbot.  His appointment is effective immediately.   

    6.  Next Meeting:  July 27, 2020 at 7 pm.  

    7.  Adjournment:  Sean moved to adjourn; Pat supported the motion.

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