• March 29 – ILEHA Email

  • Hello Neighbors:

    On behalf of the Indian Lakes Homeowners’ Association Board I hope that your first week of sheltering in place has been successful. We also want to thank all our wonderful neighbors for the courteousness that has been displayed and extended during this time of uncertainty.

    Based on reports of the last couple of days, it appears likely that Michigan’s stay at home order will be in place for some time to come. Therefore, we encourage all to remain vigilant and follow the key recommendations of our health professionals. Please let us also continue to keep a watchful eye for those neighbors that may need assistance. As mentioned previously, please feel to contact the Board either through our Homeowners’ Association website (www.ileha.org) or contacting one of your Section’s representatives. We will make every effort to ensure that the needed help is provided.

    Finally, it has been suggested by one of our neighbors that we consider following the established recommendation for walking against the traffic when walking or running in the road. Given that we have no sidewalks in Indian Lakes Estates, if we walk against traffic there would be fewer crossovers and safety would be improved. This pattern would also allow us to continue practicing recommended physical distancing safely as many walkers and runners are crossing over when approaching a group going in the opposite direction on the same side of the road. It is encouraging to see so many of us out walking and exercising during this stay at home period, especially the families, and we want to do everything we can to make sure we are all protected to the greatest extent possible. Thank you.

    Kindest Regards, Joe

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