• March 14 Update

  • Hello Neighbors:

    This is a follow up to our correspondence of February 27, 2020 concerning the proposed senior living community on the Hannah Farms property to the immediate west of Indian Lakes Estates (ILE). As last reported, the Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners’ Association (ILEHA) Board and our legal counsel Mr. Jack Davis, have been meeting with local officials and the senior center developer to protect the interest of our neighborhood. As shared previously, our primary focus has been on three key areas. First, to preserve as much land as possible between the boundaries of ILE lots and the senior center community. Next, to make sure an appropriate surface water management plan is in place that at minimum has zero adverse impact on ILE properties, and, thirdly to ensure there is no connectivity with ILE including through Tonapah Trail.

    We can now report that the developer’s proposed plan provides for preserving land that exceeds current Township set-back requirements. The site-plan (please see the attached) submitted to the Township provides for 90 feet from the back property lines of ILE homes that border the project to the proposed senior center parking lot. The current Township parking lot set-back requirement for a project of this type is 40 feet. The nearest building is 179.5 feet from our property lines while the actual set-back requirement is 75.5 feet. Additionally and at the Board’s insistence, the closest building is only two-story. Finally, a 4-6 foot berm (with plantings on the top) will be utilized at the most westerly point of the 90 foot set-back between ILE properties and the parking lot.

    In terms of the surface water management plan, the developer contends their engineer has certified that the plan meets all local requirements. Additionally, they claim the plan will not only have no negative effects on our properties but in fact is likely to improve our neighborhood’s surface water situation.

    Lastly, the site-plan submitted by Andev Group (developer) to the Township has no connectivity whatsoever--including Tonapah Trail--with ILE. The required secondary or emergency access has been designed back to the west and through The Lodges.

    Although we would all prefer this land stay as is, we also realize time marches on. This large piece of private property, known as Hannah Farms, has been slowly developed over the years while generations of ILE homeowners have been monitoring its progress--knowing one day it would reach our boundary. Now that it has, we have been vigorously protecting the best interest of our neighborhood, including preserving its rural residential character. In terms of the final plan submitted to the Township, the Board finds it to be satisfactory knowing that set-backs are more than double what is required and there is no connectivity with our neighborhood. In terms of the proposed water management plan, our legal counsel and the Board believe additional follow up is needed. We are encouraged the developer has submitted a plan that they claim will totally manage all surface water from the senior living community within the boundaries of their property. However, we nevertheless believe the hydrologic data must be examined. Therefore, Mr. Davis will be requesting their calculations so that we can confirm. Should these numbers not meet our satisfaction, we will make our position clear to the Planning Commission at the public hearing and ask for any necessary re-design by the developer.

    In terms of the Planning Commission’s public hearing scheduled for Monday March 16, 2020, we were notified this morning that it has been cancelled until further notice. Homeowners that received the written notice of the hearing will be notified again in writing when the meeting is rescheduled. We also will send a notice to all homeowners when this occurs. Please also note that although this project is currently under consideration, there still remains a small portion of developable land to the north of the proposed senior center project, which additionally borders our neighborhood including Tonapah Trail (please see the Hannah Farms Map attached). We will continue to also closely monitor any activity of this final piece using the same guiding principles that we have applied to the senior living community.

    Finally, the Board would like to acknowledge the current situation with the Coronavirus. Given published recommendations, we want to encourage all neighbors to be mindful of those in our neighborhood that may need assistance during this trying time. Some may need help with grocery shopping, errands or assistance around their home. If you become aware of any instances where support may be needed, please feel free to let the Board know thru our website (www.ileha.org) or contact one of the section representatives noted at the top of this correspondence. We will do our best to ensure help is provided.

    As always, thank you for your continued support.


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