• June 5, 2020

  • A special meeting of the ILEHA Board of Directors was called to order by Joe Pavona at 7:04 pm.  The meeting was conducted as a call-in due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Members present were Cindy Carson, Jill Garnett, Carol Chapman, Joe Pavona, Joe Tonnos, Sean Looman and Sue Webster.
    The purpose of the meeting was to acknowledge the unexpected passing of our friend, neighbor, and respected Board legal counsel Mr. Jack Davis on May 28, 2020, and discuss and determine our path forward in terms of legal representation.  
    Joe Pavona reported that Attorney Kevin Roragen of the Loomis Law Firm reached out and assured that they stand ready to continue assisting us and the ILE neighborhood with our legal needs.  Mr. Roragen further reported that he had obtained our file and familiarized himself with it.  Joe further noted that Mr. Roragen had not only provided services to ILEHA Board many years ago but also had discussed our current affairs regarding the development of the Hannah Farms property with Mr. Davis on several occasions.
    After considerable discussion and review of Mr. Roragen’s credentials, and in view of the critical juncture of our involvement with Meridian Township, the Andev Group and their proposed senior living center and the land owner, it was moved by Cindy Carson that we continue with the Loomis Law Firm and accept Mr. Roragen as our legal advisor.  Jill Garnett seconded the motion.  It was unanimously approved.    

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