• Meridian Township Services

  • On behalf of the ILEHA Board we hope that all are well, staying safe, and following the recommendations of our health professionals and governmental leaders. Also, please be reminded to be cognizant of neighbors who may need assistance and feel free to pass this information on to the Board either through our website or contacting one of your Section’s representatives. We will do everything we can to make sure they receive the help needed. Additionally, please see the correspondence below from Meridian Township. Thank you.


    Dear Neighborhood Leaders,

    During this unsettling time, I want you to know that the Meridian Township Police, Fire and EMS are here to serve the community. We continue to staff the police desk to receive calls and answer questions. Please reach out to your perspective neighborhoods and share the following information.

    • If you know of a person that needs special attention please contact the Cadet Desk at 853-4800 so we can check on them and provide them assistance.
    • If you have a vulnerable senior or at-risk person in your neighborhood please check with them to ensure their well-being.
    • We are working cooperatively with county wide emergency services. This means it may not always be a Meridian marked emergency vehicle responding in our neighborhoods.
    • Both Haslett and Okemos Schools are distributing food for school age children. MTPD is assisting the schools in their efforts.
    • If you see something concerning or suspicious please call 332-6526 or 911 in an emergency. Police officers will respond and address the issue. You may be contacted by an officer over the telephone in lieu of them responding directly to your home.

    I want to thank all of you for your cooperation and assistance while we navigate this time in our community, state and nation. We are proud to serve the citizens of Meridian and Williamstown Townships.

    Ken Plaga
    Chief of Police

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