• July 30, 2019

  • Item 1.  Joe Pavona called the meeting to order.  Members in attendance were:  Joe Pavona, Sean Looman, Jill Garnett, Joe Tonnos, Pat Lipsey, Cindy Carson and Carol Chapman.

    Item 2.  Approval of the June 3, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes was moved by Pat Lipsey and seconded by Cindy Carson; motion passed unanimously.

    Item 3.  Board Reports:
    Treasurer – Sean Looman provided written reports as of July 30, 2019 including revenue, expenses and balances for both the Legal and General Fund Accounts.  Discussion followed.
    LINC – Sue Webster was not in attendance.  No report was available.
    Membership Report – Jon Haun was not in attendance.  No report was available.
    Maintenance – Joe Pavona reported on the completion of the clean-up/plantings and lawn irrigation system expansion project at the ILE entrance.  Joe noted that the project was completed according to plans and Board members also indicated their satisfaction with the outcome.  Joe also advised of dissatisfaction with our current irrigation system maintenance contractor, Land Visions.  Major issue was they did not provided season start up as reported and iron filtration system had not been properly repaired as promised.  Additionally, Redwood Landscaping was asked to provide a bid for seasonal maintenance after they completed the lawn system expansion project.  Their bid was less costly than that being paid to Land Visions.  Discussion followed.  Jill Garnett moved to discontinue the services with Land Visions and replace them with Redwood Landscaping.  Cindy Carson seconded the motion; it was unanimously approved.
    Webmaster - Tracy Pinto was not in attendance.  No report was available.  

    Item 4.  Old Business:
    New Directory – Following discussion it was the consensus of the Board to move forward in completing the new Membership Directory and produce 120 copies with a colored front and back cover.
    Deed Restrictions – Joe Pavona provided copies of the draft Board Resolution regarding fencing in ILE as prepared by attorney Doug Austin of the Fraser Law Firm.  Discussion followed.  Joe will provide a written summary and copy of the draft resolution for all Board members via email so that those Board members not in attendance would have updated information with final Board approval to occur at the next meeting.
    Drain Commissioner – Joe Tonnos reports that he and Sue Webster have not yet been able to connect with the Drain Commissioner Lindemann but will keep trying.  A meeting date will then be set with Lindemann to discuss water issues affecting some ILE homeowners.
    Hannah Farms – Joe Pavona provided an update.
    Annual Meeting – The Board consensus was that the Annual Meeting was a positive event and with much interaction between the Board and the homeowners.  The homeowners in attendance supported the work of the Board.
    LINC Meeting – The Board will consider hosting a future LINC meeting.
    Unpaid Dues – Following completion of the Board Resolution on Fencing, the Board will begin to work with Doug Austin of the Fraser Law Firm on addressing unpaid dues by some homeowners and in accordance with ILEHA deed restrictions.

    Item 5.  New Business:
    Garage Sale – The neighborhood garage sale organized by ILEHA member Katie McPherson was discussed.  The Board was positively supporting this event.
    Neighborhood Gathering – The Board decided not to hold a neighborhood gathering since the garage sale was a neighborhood-wide event and occurring near the time of year that a neighborhood social event was being contemplated.  It will be tabled for discussion and consideration at another time.  
    Election of Officers – Joe Tonnos moved that the same officers remain in place for the new term, i.e., Joe Pavona as president, Tracy Pinto-VP, Sean Looman-Treasurer, and Pat Lipsey as Secretary.  Jill Garnett seconded the motion. Discussion followed that noted keeping the same officers in place would be very helpful in completing the re-organizing process that was necessitate due to Board inactivity prior to 2018.  Additionally, Tracy’s appointment to be contingent on her acceptance (which Tracy acceptance on August 5, 2019).  The motion was approved unanimously.

    Item 6.  Next Meeting:
    The next Board meeting will be September 17, 2019

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