• June 3, 2019

  • Item #1 - Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.  Members present were Joe Pavona, Sean Looman, Jill Garnett, Tracy Pinto, Joe Tonnos, Jon Haun, Sue Webster, Carol Chapman, Cindy Carson and Pat Lipsey.

    Item #2 - Approval of 4-17-19 minutes was moved by Joe T and seconded by Tracy; motion passed unanimously.

    Item #3 - Reports
           Treasurer - Sean provided written reports as of May 1, 2019, including revenue, expenses and balances for both our General Fund and Legal Fund accounts.  Discussion followed.  Additionally, a proposed operating budget and revenue projection for the 2019/20 fiscal year was presented and discussed.  Pat moved the reports, proposed 2019/20 budget and revenue projection be approved.  Sean seconded; motion passed unanimously

            LINC - Sue reported that actual economic development may finally occur in the downtown Okemos area.  Although the developer’s financing has not yet been approved, plans for a combination of residential apartments and commercial development have been approved by the Township Board.  Construction is slated to begin later in the year.  Sue also suggested that the Board consider hosting a future LINC meeting.

             Membership - Jon reports no changes.

             Maintenance - Joe P reported that Lawns and More has begun improving the Association property at the entrance of ILE, including the southwest corner of Comanche & Cochise.  Cleanup has occurred and new mulch, plants and grasses will be added.  Additionally, Lawns and More reported they have secured the homeowner on the northeast side of ILE entrance as a client and will be mowing the property.  Both moves improve and update the appearance of the ILE entrance.
               Joe also reported on the quotes received from Redwood and from Land Visions to expand the lawn irrigation system at the neighborhood entrance and repair/replace the pump for the lawn irrigation system at Mohican Park.  Quotes received:
               Redwood = $2,145.00 + grass between Mt. Hope and sidewalk $1,070.00 = $3,215.00                                  
          Land Visions = $2,500.00 + grass between Mt. Hope and sidewalk $1,200.00 = $3,700.00                 
          Quotes to replace pump at Mohican Park were approx. $1,800 and $1,900 respectively.
    Discussion followed.  Cindy moved that Redwood be selected to accomplish the irrigation system expansion at the entrance including the grassy area between Mt. Hope and the sidewalk, and, table the Mohican Park pump replacement until next year.  Jill seconded; the motion passed unanimously.                  
              Webmaster - Tracy reports no changes.

    Item #4 - Old business
               New Directory - Tracy provided a couple of copies of our new Directory, asking about approval on cost as well as comments on colored pictures, or black & white.  Discussion followed. Jon indicated that he has a contact in the printing business and will explore optional—and hopefully improved—pricing.     

                 Deed Restrictions – Legal counsel is currently drafting a Resolution to address fencing as requested by the Board.  

                 Drain Commissioner Meeting – Joe T and Sue are currently working on setting up the meeting.

                 Hannah Farms Update - Jack Davis arrived and provided an update on the Hannah Farms development.  A lengthy discussion followed.  

                 Annual Meeting Planning/Update - Carol will secure the key for the meeting room at the church and arrive at 6:00 pm, opening the building and starting coffee, bringing beverages.
    Sean & Carol will greet members, provide them a name tag and handouts as well as have them sign in.  Members may also pay dues and submit ballots at that time.  Sean and Carol will tabulate election results.  Joe P will have copies made of everything to be handed out at the meeting.  Jon will place sign at the entrance to ILE reminding of time and place of meeting.  All Board members will bring a snack item.  

                Election – Ballots were mailed with the Annual Meeting and Dues notice.  As noted above, Sean and Carol will tabulate results.  

    Item #5 – New Business
                Meridian Township HOA Meeting – Joe P attended a meeting of Township HOA presidents at the Township Hall.  Joe reported the main points of discussion were updates on Township projects, information on roads, and a sharing of neighborhood concerns.   
    Jill Moved for adjournment, Jon seconded; motion passed.

    Respectfully submitted  

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