• April 17, 2019

  • 1 - Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Present were members Tracy Pinto, Sean Looman, Cindy Carson, Joe Tonnos, Jill Garnett, Jon Haun, Carol Chapman, and Pat Lipsey.

    2 - Approval of 2-5-19 minutes was moved by Jill and seconded by Joe T. Motion passed unanimously.

    3 - Reports -
        Treasurer - Sean provided a written report that states ending balance of our General Fund as of 3-31-19 is $11,072.03. The balance of our new Legal Fund is $6,800.52.  Joe P. mentioned that in addition to billing for services, frequently Mr. Davis is also providing pro bono services to ILEHA in his representation of our neighborhood concerning the development of the Eyde property immediately to the west of ILE.  This includes phone calls, meetings, research and drafting of memos.  Board members noted their appreciation for the fairness of Mr. Davis’ billings as well as his generosity in providing the pro bono services.  A short discussion followed regarding the disappointing low participation of members contributing to the legal fund as approved by the members last October (currently less than 36%), although all members of the neighborhood benefit.   

        LINC - No report as Sue was not present.  We noted that our Meridian Township water rates have “quietly” increased approximately 58% in the last 6 years.  From last quarter (9-4 to 12-3) to this quarter (12-3 to 3-4), the increase has been 5.2%.  This discussion was intended to serve as an example of why being an active member of LINC can be helpful.  Typically, most homeowners do not monitor all issues being considered by the Township Board.  But LINC does and by being an active member, ILEHA can stay informed on important issues such as water rates.  Cindy Carson and Kathy Pavona are back-up to Sue when she is unable to attend LINC meetings.

        Membership - Jon reports no changes.  
        Maintenance - Joe Pavona reported that Lawns & More has agreed to hold all prices of lawn/landscape services and fertilization at last year’s rate.  This is their third year in a row of holding lawn/landscape service prices firm and the second year for fertilization (as this is only their second year providing fertilization).  Given the satisfaction with prior year performances including prompt responses when needed, there is an interest in continuing to retain their services.  Sean moved that we continue with Lawns & More for the upcoming year; Jill seconded; the motion was unanimously approved.
            The irrigation system is serviced by Land Visions.  There is an iron treatment on the zone that waters near the ILE sign to help keep it from staining.  However, there seems to be a slight discoloration to the sign.  Joe P. will follow up with Land Visions.  
            The entrance to Indian Lakes Estates needs to be well maintained as it is the first and last impression when coming into and leaving the neighborhood.  Concern was voiced by Board members about the appearance of the two properties immediately adjacent to the Association property at the entrance.  Additionally, the condition of the landscaping on the northwest corner (Cochise/Comanche) of the entrance was considered for improvement last year and tabled until 2019.  Lawns & More has quoted between $350 and $400 to clean up and improve the site (remove old and dead plants; install some new plants, grasses and mulch).  Cindy moved that Lawns & More be authorized to move forward to improve the site as discussed after the adjacent homeowner on Cochise is contacted.  Tracy supported the motion; it was unanimously approved.  The Board will continue to monitor the condition on the adjacent properties.  
            Last year the Board also discussed the need to repair/replace the pump to the lawn irrigation system at “Mohican Park” as well as the need to expand the lawn irrigation system at the entrance (it currently only irrigates a small portion of the property).  Both were tabled until 2019 and after a discussion with members about the current level of dues.  Given that members approved an increase in dues, the Board has authorized securing new quotations for having the work completed.  Considering previous years quotes, it is estimated that Mohican Park pump replacement will be around $1800 and the entrance project $2500.  However, it is the Board’s plan to accomplish the entrance project this year and complete the Mohican project next year, unless there is enough savings or discount by a single service provider that incentivizes us to do both projects at the same time with the same vendor instead of one project each year.  Joe Tonnos moved that Joe Pavona obtain 3 quotes for this work, both front and back areas; Jon seconded. The motion unanimously passed.

        Webmaster - Tracy reports website has been updated with recent Association information.  Board members asked Tracy to get a count of how many “hits” our webpage is getting.      

    4 - Old Business
        New Directory - Tracy will proceed with the new Directory and have it ready to be distributed to members at the Annual meeting.

        Deed Restrictions – Doug Austin of the Fraser Tribilcock Law Firm is currently drafting the Board Declaration regarding the Deed Restrictions section on Fencing.  Additionally, Mr. Austin is drafting a “model” document that the Board can replicate annually for filing liens, pursuant to the Deed Restrictions, on any lot owner within the Plats that has failed to pay dues to the ILEHA when due.

        Drain Commissioner -     Joe T. and Sue have nothing to report as no meeting has yet been set up.  They will continue to pursue a meeting with the Commissioner Lindermann.      

        Hannah Farms Update - a detailed discussion ensued.

    5 - New Business
        Annual Meeting - possible dates were discussed.  Carol will contact Okemos Community Church to determine if their meeting room is available on one of our preferred dates and confirm back with the Board. Following confirmation, the Annual Meeting mailing packet containing the meeting notice, billing of 2019/20 dues, and the ballot for filling the upcoming Board vacancies will be prepared and mailed to members not later than May 10, 2019.        

        Election – The Board discussed filling the 3 upcoming vacancies for the new year, and pending confirmation, the names of Suchitra Webster (Section 1), Joe Pavona (Section 2), and Pat Lipsey (Section 3), will be placed in nomination.  The Board agreed to finish the nominating process by email.  On May 3, 2019 in an email, Sean Looman moved that the 3 names noted be placed in nomination to fill the vacancies; Cindy Carson supported the motion; it was unanimously approved by individual email responses by each Board member.  

    6 - Next Meeting date - June 3, @ 7:00 pm; Annual Meeting June 6, 2019 (confirmed).

    7 - Adjournment - Pat moved we adjourn, Sean seconded, unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted

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