• February 5, 2019

  • This meeting was moved to this date from January 30th, due to severe weather.


    1 – Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. with all members present.

    2 - September 12, 2018 Board meeting minutes were approved; moved by Sean Looman and seconded by Jon Haun.
         November 13, 2018 Board meeting minutes were approved; moved by Pat Lipsey and seconded by Jill Garnett.

    3 - Reports
          Treasurer - Sean Looman reported the ending balance as of 12-31-18 in our account. It is noted that a new account (with same signatures as account for our general finances) is needed for the Legal Fund.  Arrangements will be made for this.  Sean also noted that we need to monitor sale of Indian Lakes Estates properties to insure proper payment of Association dues.  Members who are not current with their dues were sent a second notice.

           Webmaster - Tracy Pinto reported that the website is up. A line will be included on the website to read “Members in good standing can email Joe Pavona or Sean Looman for financial information”. A discussion ensued on when, i.e. before Board approval or after, to include ILEHA Board Minutes on the website.

           LINC - Sue Webster – Was not able to attend the last LINC meeting but expects to receive a copy of the minutes from the meeting.  

           Membership - Jon Haun reports nothing new.

           Maintenance - Joe Pavona reports all is quiet.

    4 - Old Business
           Hannah Farms Update - Progress on this issue was noted.

           New Directory - Efforts are being made to locate the best price for printing. Decisions for distribution are still to be made.

           Membership Mailing (New Year News) - Thanks were expressed to Sean Looman & Anne Kearney-Looman, Joe and Kathy Pavona in getting this in the mail. A special note was made in that mailing to slow down as we drive through the neighborhood, especially on Sequoia.              Our neighborhood police representative, Officer Metz, will again schedule for placing the speed monitor on Sequoia Trail.

           Deed Restrictions - Fencing - The next step is to send our information to Doug Austin for legal input and drafting of Board declaration.

           Drain Commissioner - Sue Webster and Joe Tonnos will schedule a meeting with Commissioner Lindemann.

    5 - New Business - No new business was introduced.

    6 - Our next meeting is scheduled on April 17, 2019

    7 - The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:02.

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