• November 13, 2018

  • Joe Pavona called the meeting to order by welcoming Attorney Jack Davis for an update of the activities on the development of the Eyde property to the west of ILE.  All Board members present except for Sue and Tracy who had schedule conflicts.  
    Attorney Davis shared updates and legal issues with the Board Members.  He then answered Board Members questions and clarified legal issues.  Mr. Davis excused himself about 8 pm. to attend another scheduled commitment.
    Draft Minutes from the October 17, 2018 Special General Membership meeting were distributed and will be approved at the next General Membership meeting.  Approval of the Minutes from the September 12, 2018 ILEHA Board meeting was tabled until the next Board meeting.

    Treasurer - Sean Looman provided the Treasurer’s Report.  As of October 31, 2018, the ending account balance is $16,520.17.  Seven members from 2017 have not paid their dues.  Eleven members from 2018 also have not yet paid their annual dues.  $1,496 in checks from dues were deposited since the last meeting.  Expenditures were $2,930.96.  A discussion ensued on means to address unpaid dues, and, it was decided to issue a second notice to those members who still have an outstanding balance.
    Webmaster – Tracy Pinto was unable to attend
    LINC – Sue Webster was also unable to attend.
    Membership – Jon Haun reports that everything is status quo currently.
    Maintenance – Joe Pavona gave an update on the maintenance of ILE properties.  No issue of concern at this time.

      Old Business
    Hannah Farms – Joe Pavona reported that he has been attending meetings with our legal counsel Jack Davis, developers and land owners.  Nothing additional to report from Mr. Davis’ earlier update.  
    Special General Membership Meeting – The draft Minutes from the meeting were reviewed and it was decided that a mailing will take place after the holidays to update the ILE homeowners that the general membership recommended and approved unanimously increasing the annual dues from $100 to $125 and replenishing the legal fund with a voluntary $250 recommendation per homeowner member.
    New Directory – Joe Pavona will check with Tracy on status.
    Deed Restrictions and Fencing – It was decided to include an update on the Deed Restrictions with the summary mailing to members on the Special General Membership meeting after the holidays.  The Board will note to members that after much effort of reminding homeowners of our deed restrictions and importance of self-monitoring, it will begin reminding individual homeowners when there is a compliance issue.  Fencing- as decided at the Sept 12, 2018 meeting, the Board will not pursue an amendment to the deed restrictions but instead create a “declaration/proclamation” clearly identifying how the Board will administer the fencing provision.  A list of important related issues will be created to share with Dour Austin, who will assist the Board in drafting the proclamation.
    Drain Commissioner – No change.

    New Business                 
    Martinez Pool Request – The Board reviewed the details and discussed the information provided by the homeowner.  Jon Haun moved to accept the Martinez pool and fencing request; Joe Tonnos seconded.  It was unanimously approved.  

    Next Meeting will be held January 30, 2019 at 7 pm.

    Adjournment – Joe Tonnos moved, and Jill Garnett seconded.  The motion was approved unanimously.               

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