• September 12, 2018

  • Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association
    Board Meeting September 12, 2018 Minutes
    1.  Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm on September 12, 2018.

    2.  Minutes from previous June 25, 2018 and July 12, 2018 meetings were approved.

    3.  Officers Reports:  
    --Sean Looman, Treasurer, review of financials presented on itemized list.  12 members unpaid.  4609 Commanche still has balance yet property was just sold.  Send Michael Williams an invoice.  Send Koo home an invoice to family trust.  Jon will tell the home caretaker about the overdue HOA fees.
    --Tracy Pinto, Webmaster, website DNS expired with Hostgator, will renew with Dreamhost.
    --Sue Webster, Linc Representative, attended LINC meeting with nothing remarkable to report.  Our check was paid and ILEHA is good as members for the rest of the year and the next (2019).  
    --Jon Haun, Membership, noted two new residents.
    --Joe Pavona, Maintenance of Association Community Property, nothing new to report.  The well pump for the lawn irrigation system at Mohican Park is still outstanding.  Repair estimate is $1,700.  Item tabled until next spring.

    4.  Old Business:  
    Four business cards were submitted for printed directory.  Send email out asking for "last call" chance to submit cards.
    Fencing - working for an amendment to the Deed Restrictions would be strenuous.  Instead, create a policy that has the board state their view on fencing, annually—Proclamation by the Board.
    5.  New Business:  
    —Two homes in front of neighborhood appear unkept/unsightly, township has cited one for overgrown weeds.  Should we expand the irrigation of our front property towards the East? (tabled till spring).  Dead shrubbery at Commanche/Cochise could be fixed next Spring $400.
    Send out an announcement reminding homeowners of a few deed restrictions violations that have gone permissively for too long.  The Board should start taking action with individual notices beginning on a certain date.
    Long term parking of a car in driveway - investigate the meaning of "covered" and "tarp"
    Neighborhood Fall Activity - possibly on the 7th of October, afternoon 3pm—7pm, BYOB, snacks and water provided.
    General Membership Meeting - possibly October 17th, discuss an increase in dues and options for replenishing legal fund and hold a vote.  
    6.  Next Meeting will be November 14, 2018.   

    7.  The ILEHA Association Board Meeting was adjourned at 10:22 pm. 

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