• New Directory – Business Card Page

  • Just as a heads-up, Jon Haun a member of our ILEHA Board and Membership Coordinator, will be coming around this weekend to pick up business cards from those ILE homeowners who wish to include an add in our new directory. As we shared a couple of months ago, we are getting ready to publish a new ILE neighborhood directory and for the first time will be including a business card advertising page. We will only be accepting cards from ILEHA members. The Board felt this would not only be a nice addition to the directory and serve as a handy reference when services may be needed, but also help off-set the cost of printing. It will be $25 per business card ad. When Jon comes by, if you are interested, he will need a check for $25 made out the ILEHA and the business card you wish to include. Jon can be contacted at 517-282-2194.

    Following collection of the business cards, we will be sending the directory to the printer with plans to distribute it early this fall.

    As always, thank you for your continued support.

    Kindest Regards, Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association Board of Directors

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