• July 12, 2018

  • Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association
    Board Meeting July 12, 2018

    1.  Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.
          Joe announced that we would dispense with the reading and approval of last meeting minutes in the interest of time to allow for maximum use of Attorney Doug Austin’s time allotment.  Minutes to be reviewed and approved at next meeting.
    2.  Old Business:  
    --Deed Restrictions (fences), Attorney Doug Austin was present to help lead the ILEHA Board in discussion regarding current deed restriction language involving fences.  The primary focus of the discussion centered around guidance and recommendations from Mr. Austin on what options might be available to provide greater clarity regarding the fencing deed restrictions language.  It is the Board’s wishes to ensure that we clearly communicate to homeowners the proper expectation on fencing that is not only consistent with the deed restrictions but also past practice and the current Board’s position.  Although several issues and scenarios were discussed, two primary options evolved.  One alternative is to amend the existing deed restrictions while the second is to issue a statement or proclamation by the Board.  The implications of each option were discussed in detail.  The discussion ended with an agreement to continue taking the issue under advisement until the Board is satisfied that enough review has taken place and it is ready re-establish and/or reaffirm our fencing policy going forward.  
    --Dues: Second billings, Sean Looman, treasurer, discussed the unpaid Association dues and the need for a second billing to those members that still have not paid.  It was agreed to issue a second billing.  Joe and Sean will work together and issue the billings by August 1, 2018
    --New Directory, Tracy Pinto, webmaster reports New Directory is being completed and should be ready for fall distribution.  Jon and Tracy will team to finalize the Directory.
    --National Night Out, it was reaffirmed to hold a neighborhood event in the fall.  Joe P. confirmed that our neighborhood police representative, Officer Metz, would be willing to attend a fall event.   
    --Pat Lindemann meeting, Sean continues to work with Lindemann’s office on scheduling a meeting.
    --Fall general membership meeting, tabled until next Board meeting.   
    --LINC membership payment, Sean will work with Sue to ensure payment is made.   
    --New neighbor contact, Jon is contacting new neighbors and welcoming them to ILE on behalf of the Board.  Jon reports that this has been underway as new homeowners have been moving in.  
    --Fence requests, action items completed pursuant to direction from Board’s June 25, 2018 meeting.  
    --Maintenance, nothing new to report.  Performance as expected.

    4.  New Business:
    --Yard maintenance incentive, a discussion took place on options that could be considered to incentivize homeowners to improve the presentation and appearance of their properties and thus our neighborhood. Ideas included assisting those that are unable to maintain their property and recognizing annually the most improved property in the neighborhood.  Many Board members are concerned that the overall appearance of ILE is not protecting and enhancing property values that would be expected in a subdivision in Okemos and Meridian Township.  This was an initial discussion and will continue into the future.  

    5.  Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 12, 2018 at 7 pm.   

    6. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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