• June 25, 2018

  • Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association
    Board Meeting June 25, 2018 Minutes

    1.  Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:24 pm on June 25, 2018.

    2.  Joe welcomed new members:  Jill Garnett, Joe Tonnas, Cindy Carson, and Carol Chapman, advisor to the ILEHA Board.

    Administrative matters for new members were addressed including signing Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements for Jack Davis' legal representation on behalf of ILEHA regarding the development of the Eyde property west of Indian Lakes Estates.

    3.  Minutes from previous May 16, 2018, meeting were approved.

    4.  Officers Reports:  
    --Sean Looman, Treasurer, reports that 38 association members have unpaid dues. An expenditure of $20 was used for stamps and miscellaneous webmaster needs. The current balance in the ILEHA account is $10,280.14.
    --Tracy Pinto, Webmaster, continues to make progress in finalizing the new ILEHA Directory.  It should   be ready for distribution in early fall.
    --Sue Webster, Linc Representative.
    --Jon Haun, Membership, updated status on welcoming new members to the neighborhood and providing Deed Restrictions and other information to them.
    --Joe Pavona, Reported on Maintenance of Association Community Property.  Joe discussed increasing edging from every three weeks to every two weeks.  Edging service is provided at $25 per occurrence.

    5.  Old Business:  
    Deed restriction language on fencing was addressed. Requests from association members to erect fences on their properties have prompted new discussion and clarification on deed restrictions.  The Board decided to schedule a meeting with Attorney Doug Austin from the Fraser Trebilcock Law Firm to address legal concerns of our current deed restriction language. (The Fraser Firm did the original work as well as recent amendments on our Deed Restrictions).  Jon Haun motioned that all requests for fences be denied until the Board has completed its review on fencing.  Joe Tonnos seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.  Joe Pavona will draft a letter to the homeowners at 4815 Arapaho Trail (Peter and Fatima Rudd) regarding their interest is erecting an “architectural” fence and will also speak with them explaining the Board’s current position while the fencing policy is under review.    

    6.  New Business:  
    --Review of Annual Meeting.  The Board reviewed the activities and outcomes from the June 7, 2018 Annual Meeting.  Key points from the meeting included funding our soon to be depleted legal account and increasing the annual dues.  It was decided at the Annual Meeting that there should be a separate meeting to discuss these two points later in the year.  The Board will set a date for another general meeting to be held sometime in the fall of 2018.   
    National Night Out was addressed with the Board deciding to have a neighborhood social event later in the fall instead of on the date (August 6) for the National Night Out.  It was felt that early August was still vacation time for many families and a fall date may allow for better participation.   
    The Meridian Police have agreed to bring into the neighborhood a vehicle speed measuring device that will help increase awareness of drivers concerning their speed, especially on Sequoia.  
    Sean Looman will continue to follow up with Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann on behalf on the neighborhood regarding surface water issues.   

    7.  Next Meeting will be in July at a date mutually agreeable to Attorney Doug Austin and the Board.   

    8.  The ILEHA Association Board Meeting was adjourned at 9:35 pm.  

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