• May 16, 2018

  • Item No. 1:  Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  In attendance were Joe   Pavona, Tracy Pinto, Sean Looman, Cindy Carson, and Carol Chapman.  Shrikumar Poddar arrived at 7:45 pm.  Jon Haun, Pat Lipsey and Sue Webster were not able to attend.  
    Item No. 2:  After Shrikumar Poddar arrived, the Minutes from the April 11, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.
    Item No. 3 – Reports:
    Treasurer – Sean Looman provided Board members with a handout updating our current finances.  Our account balance as of April 30, 2018 is $10,631.57.  Sean also reported that to date 22 members have not yet paid their 2017/18 dues.
    Webmaster – Tracy Pinto reports that our new website is up and running and requested feedback and suggestions from Board members for improvements.  The new website will be announced at the June 7th Annual Meeting.
    LINC – No report as Sue Webster was not present.  LINC dues have not yet been paid.
    Membership – No report as Jon Haun was not present.
    Maintenance – Joe Pavona reports that Lawns and More will do this year’s fertilization following a competitive bid with Land Visions.  Lawns and More was $350 less for identical seasonal services.  Land Visions will continue to provide irrigation system spring start up and fall winterization as well as any needed maintenance.  Water pump replacement for Mohican Park will be considered at a future date.

    Item No. 4 – Old Business
    Door-to-door update – Visits to each individual homeowner continue and are nearing completion.  With each stop, Board members are providing a copy of Deed Restrictions, confirming information for the new Directory and offering an opportunity for participation in a new business card section in the upcoming Directory.
    Hannah Farms East – No additional information to report.

    Item No. 5 – New Business
    Nominees for ballot – Joe Tonnos (Section 1), Cindy Carson (Section 2) and Jill Garnett’s (Section 3) names were placed in nomination to fill vacancies of this year’s 3 expiring terms.  All three were unanimously approved.
    Annual meeting – Joe Pavona presented drafts for this year’s mailing including the Announcement for the Annual Meeting, Invoice for 2018/19 dues (including the 22 unpaid balances from last year), Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting and an Agenda for the June 7th. meeting.  All were unanimously approved by the Board.  The venue for this year’s Annual Meeting was confirmed as the Okemos Community Church.  Board members to arrive at 6:15 pm to set up for the 7 pm meeting.  Carol Chapman will take the lead on snacks and beverages.  
    Mailing -  Joe Pavona will have copies made for the mailing and Tracy Pinto will produce mailing labels.  Envelopes will be prepared for mailing at the home of Carol Chapman on Sunday May 20th.  Sean Looman will provide detail on 22 members with outstanding balances from last year to be included in the mailing.
    Other – A discussion of the Meridian Township 2018 property assessments took place.  It was noted that taxable value increased by slightly more than 2% while property values declined by more than 9% in our neighborhood.  It was decided to raise this as a discussion point with members at the Annual Meeting.
    Board members were reminded that they would be asked to provide an update at the annual meeting for their area of responsibility.
    A discussion of a fence request from 4561 Sequoia Trail took place.  Considerable time was devoted to the request.  Following discussion, Cindy Carson moved that the request be denied.  It was seconded by Shrikumar.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Joe will draft the response to the homeowners and share with all Board members for comments before releasing.  (After drafting and sharing with Board members several additional points of concern were raised.  Therefore, response letter will be held for further discussion and review at the next Board meeting on June 25th.)

    Item No. 6 -  Next Board meeting will be June 25, 2018 at the home of Tracy Pinto.

    Item No. 7 – Adjournment:  Shrikumar moved and Tracy supported to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried unanimously.            

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