• Thanks to all the residents of ILEHA

  • Hello ILE Neighbors:

    As we begin to prepare for the upcoming season, your Indian Lakes Estates (ILE) Homeowners Association Board would like to share information on a couple of efforts we are undertaking.  First, we are beginning to update our neighborhood directory and hope to have the new edition ready in time for this year’s annual meeting.  In doing so, the Board members will be going through the neighborhood and knocking on doors and confirming with each homeowner their respective info, including email address, that they wish to have published in the directory.  Additionally, with this edition we will be offering a new feature that includes a page(s) for business cards.  If you are interested in having your business card published, please have a card ready to share with the Board member stopping at your home.  The charge will be $25 and we will use the proceeds to help offset the cost of printing the directory.  This opportunity will only be extended to members of Indian Lakes Estates and we will not be reaching out beyond our neighborhood.  The idea is to provide a reference source when services may be needed by our homeowners that they may not be aware are offered by a ILE neighbor.  Next, while we are updating information for our directories, we will leave each homeowner with an updated copy of our deed restrictions.  We get many calls throughout the year with questions and thought it would be a good idea if each homeowner had a copy for reference.

    Finally, we have set the date for our Annual Homeowners Association meeting.  It will be held on June 7, 2018 at 7 pm at the Okemos Community Church located at 4734 Okemos Road.  Please make a note in your diaries and plan on attending if possible.  A great way to say hello to neighbors and catch up on all the activities of our neighborhood.  As a heads-up, please be aware that this is a different location than last year.  We had been meeting at the United Baptist Church (UBC) on Hagadorn Road for the last few years but they are closing their doors this spring.  Okemos Community Church has an excellent meeting space that we used for many years before moving our meetings to UBC.  The meeting will be in the lower level of the church.  There is an elevator available if preferred instead of using the steps. 

    In closing, we are nearing completion of a new Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association website and hope to have it up and ready to go-live by the Annual Meeting.  More to come on this soon.  Additionally, as we are now heading into our warmer weather seasons, the Board asks that each of our driving age residents remember that the maximum vehicular speed is 25 mph in our neighborhood.  We have many walkers and children at play throughout our subdivision and those of us residing in Sections 2 and 3 need to keep in mind that Sequoia is more than a connector from our homes to Mt. Hope.  Your cooperation will be much appreciated. 

    Thank you for your continued support and please look for one of the Board members to stop by in the coming weeks.  Our effort will begin with the release of this message and we hope to be completed not later than May 18th.

    As a  reference, our Association Board members are as follows:

    Section 1:  Jon Haun, Shrikumar Poddar, and Sue Webster

    Section 2:  Cindy Carson, Tracy Pinto, and Joe Pavona

    Section 3:  Pat Lipsey, Sean Looman, and Bill Lee.

    Kindest Regards,   Joe

    PS:  Many of you may have noticed the fallen tree leaning on an upright tree in the narrows (the wooded area on the north end of Sequoia) on the west side of Sequoia Trail.  The Board is concerned that this is a potentially dangerous situation and has taken action to have it corrected.  It should be taken care of in the next week or two.  

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