• January 29, 2018

  • Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association

    Minutes to Board Meeting January 29, 2018


    Item #1 - Our meeting was called to order at 7:13 by Joe with Jon Haun, Cindy Carson, Joe Pavona, Sean Looman and Pat Lipsey present. Our advisor Carol Chapman was present as well.

    Item #2 - Pat moved that our minutes from our October 25, 2017 meeting be approved, Sean seconded the motion and discussion followed. Sean will send the Financial Report.
    The minutes were accepted as amended to include the Financial Report.

    Item #3 - Reports
    - Treasurer report was provided by Sean giving a current balance as of December 31, 2017 of $16,114.75. Sean will send via email the financial report to all Board members. We are up to date on current statements.

    - Webmaster, no report

    - LINC - Sue did attend their last meeting but was not present to provide a report for us. We are aware that although the payment of $100 for Annual Dues were approved at our last meeting, this has not been paid.

    Concern was expressed due to the increase in our water bills. Cindy will follow up on this in terms of staying connected with LINC so that we are aware when proposed increases are due to come before the Meridian Township Board thus allowing an opportunity for input and comment to the Township in advance of rate increases.

    -Membership report - Jon provided an update and ideas on how to better engage new homeowners as they move into the neighborhood. Discussion will continue at future meetings.

    -Maintenance report - Joe reported that all bills from last year have been paid, including Land Visions and fall cleanup done by Lawns and More.
    -We will look at the pumps in the spring.
    -There is a tree in the ‘narrows’ being supported by other trees and this may need to be addressed in the spring.
    - A note was added that taxes have increased.

    Item #4 - Old Business
    - Deed restrictions - Joe currently has copies ready for distribution
    - Directory & email list – Information will be confirmed with distribution of the Deed Restrictions. Goal to have directories ready for distribution at the Annual Meeting.

    Item #5 - New Business - Discussion about our Annual Meeting, when and where was our topic. It was noted that University Baptist Church is closing its doors at the end of spring. One possibility is at UBC before it closes, or Okemos Community Church was also mentioned. The date suggested was May 23, but availability will be the determinant.

    Item #6 - It was moved that our next meeting will be held on April 11, 2018, at the Pinto home. Pat moved, and Jon seconded, motion passed.

    Item #7 - Jon moved we adjourn at 9:10, Sean 2nd and motion passed unanimously.

    Respectfully submitted
    Pat Lipsey

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