• Hannah Farms East Project Update

  • As an update, Capstone  has again granted an extension to the Meridian Township Board on the Hannah Farms East project to October 15, 2017.  The 15th. seems a bit unusual as it is a Sunday and Township Board meetings are on the 3rd and 17th in October.  Therefore, assuming another extension is not granted, Hannah Farms East would have to be back on the Township Board’s agenda for the October 3rd meeting.  The latest information we have is that Capstone is “considering” a redesign of the project; so, we still don’t know exactly what their plan is.  Please pencil Oct 3rd. 6 pm. into your diaries and we will keep you updated as we move forward; would not be surprised to see another extension.   

    Per our action plan from the annual meeting our legal counsel, Jack Davis, has completed his initial review and we personally met with Township supervisor Ron Styka.  We are now in a holding pattern pending a revised plan being submitted by Capstone to the Township.  Our next steps will be predicated on what actions, if any, are taken by the Capstone/Eyde group and our review of the revised plan.  Both Jack and I are monitoring the situation and in regular contact with the Township’s Planning and Development director regarding the pending receipt of Capstone’s new plan. Additionally, Jack is regularly updating the ILEHA Board. 

    Many thanks


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