• 2017 Annual Meeting Follow-up

  • First, thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting.  It was good to come together and have an opportunity to meet new neighbors and discuss our issues of interest.  I thought we had great participation and meaningful dialog.  Please view a copy of the minutes.  We will accept any corrections or additions and approve the minutes at our next annual meeting.  If it is an item that is incorrect and impacts actions to be taken before our next general meeting, please bring that to our attention now.  

    The new ILEHA Board of Directors held its first meeting last evening and elected officers.  I think we have a great group that is energized to represent the Association and not only protect our neighborhood’s current quality of life and natural uniqueness but help improve it.  For your info the current Board members are as follows:


    Section 1                                      Term Expiration                     Office        

    John Haun                                    2020                                     Neighborhood Welcome Coordinator

    Sue Webster                                 2019                                     Association Delegate to LINC

    Shrikumar Poddar                         2018                                     Director


    Section 2

    Tracy Pinto                                   2020                                    Vice-President

    Joe Pavona                                   2019                                     President

    Cindy Carson                                2018                                     Director



    Sean Looman                                2020                                     Treasurer

    Pat Lipsey                                     2019                                     Secretary

    Bill Lee                                         2018                                     Director


    Jack Davis also provided an update of his progress at last evening’s meeting.  Although we are still in the early stages, Jack seemed encouraged that sufficient information exists to suggest that we may indeed have some bargaining power to leverage our preferred outcome.  However, there are still many other variables that need to play out, including the revised plan that Capstone is apparently planning to submit and determining what the majority position of the Township Board will be if and when such a revised plan is submitted.  Please note that we learned Monday that Capstone and the Board have agreed to another extension.  Therefore, the Hannah Farms East project will NOT be on the agenda for next week’s meeting on Tuesday July 18.  At this point, we are likely going to see it reappear on the agenda for the Township Board’s meeting scheduled for August 1st.  We understand that the Township is now asking Capstone for a date certain on when revised plans will be submitted.  Therefore, please remark your calendars for August 1 and plan on attending as it is likely that the project will finally be taken up and voted on.  As a sidebar, this delay may work in our favor as it does provide Jack Davis with more time to complete his work and take any pre-meeting action determined appropriate.  We will keep you updated on our progress.

    Finally, we are aware that our current email list does not include all our members but we wanted to get out the minutes and an update as soon as possible.  Please know that we are working toward building an new list from the information provided with members’ dues renewal.  Therefore, please feel free to share with neighbors whose email addresses may not yet  be on our list.


    Thank you again for your support. 


    Kind Regards,  Joe  

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