• June 28, 2017

  • Indian Lakes Estates Homeowners Association

    Annual Meeting Minutes, June 28, 2017


    Item #1 - Four hand-outs were provided as members arrived. Neighbors enjoyed chatting and our meeting began at 7:15 pm. 29 members were present. Our Board and all members present introduced themselves. Joe Pavona, acting President led the meeting.

    Item #2 - Organizational Update - Joe described numerous situations that caused  our association Board to become inactive and the steps taken to fully re-activate the Board.
    Item #3 - Reports -

    -Financial: Dan Popoff presented the financial report by reviewing the first and second handout. These were the 2017/18 Cash Flow Projection, and the 2017/18 ILEHA Operating Budget. Discussion of the Operating budget included Spring clean-up, necessary tree-trimming and lawn care. Electrical cost paid for the lights at the subdivision entrance. Cost of reproducing the Directory plus other mailings were mentioned. Our emergency fund is traditionally used for unexpected HOA property clean-up including trimming and cutting of  downed trees as well as any other unplanned landscape issues.

    -Membership/Directory: Pat Lipsey noted that our last Directory is dated 2015. Tracy Pinto will assist in putting a new one out at the end of this summer. We have many new neighbors that will be included. Pat requested emails for our next Directory as this is the most used method of communication.

    -Landscape Maintenance: Joe provided information on the different businesses that keep our lawns green and looking great. Competitive bids were taken before deciding on our service provider. Irrigation will run 3 days a week between 7 & 9. Regular mowing and edging of our entrance area, the “narrows” and Mohican Park, plus Spring clean-up & mulch will be provided by Lawns & More. Grub control and fertilization as well as servicing our irrigation system will be done by Land Visions.

    -Webmaster: Tracy Pinto was introduced as our Webmaster. As  mentioned, she will also help produce the Membership Directory. Concern was expressed about the privacy of our email  addresses and this will be considered as to handling. A short  discussion occurred about our own” Indian Lakes Estates  Homeowners” website and participation in” Next Door Neighbor”.

     -Hannah Farms East: Joe led a discussion of all present on this topic, i.e., the continued development of the land directly west of ILE and its potential impact on our neighborhood. He first provided some background and was assisted by numerous neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for many years and have dealt with the same parties (Meridian Township Board, landowner Eyde and the developer Capstone) on the issues impacting ILE.

        We have 2 guiding principles in addressing this issue and protecting the quality of life and natural features of Indian Lakes Estates (ILE): 1 – Steadfastly oppose any (road or otherwise) connectivity between ILE and the undeveloped property (commonly known as Hannah Farms) immediately west and adjacent to our neighborhood.  2 - We are willing to work with local officials and others on preserving a significant swath of land between ILE and the undeveloped property.  

         As we consider the development the developer has completed in earlier Phases and the vast number of student apartments, the area was not developed as originally presented using MUPUD  guidelines. Jack Davis, who is one of our longtime residents and senior partner in Loomis Law Firm and specializes in real estate law, is willing to represent ILEHA and investigate this more closely. Jack would determine if some irregularity or inconsistency is present regarding the development and its conformance to the approved zoning that could strengthen the position of ILE as development continues and approaches the western most borders of our neighborhood.  We know that the Meridian Township Board is currently set to meet on July 18 to vote on the plan to develop the latest phase called Hannah Farms East. This is the second to last phase for development with the last Phase being that directly adjacent to ILE on the west. Preparation for this determination is time consuming and time is of the essence given the upcoming Township Board meeting.

         Jill Garnett moved that the Board retain Jack Davis of The Loomis Law Firm for this initial exploration with an authorization of up to $3,000. Joe Cissell seconded and after much discussion, the Motion carried. Jack Davis mentioned that using some of our members to assist him in this research would help keep the cost down. Angie Wilson and Joe Tonnos volunteered to assist.

     Other thoughts around this issue were as follows:
      1 - Tracy Pinto commented on the possibility of the “natural disaster” approach due to the connecting area is in 100-year flood plain.  USGS pictures from the 1975 flood show the area inundated.
      2 - The Paris Climate Agreement demands a certain amount of “green space” to accompany living areas. Green Space currently provided in previous phases is virtually non-existent.
      3 - The current balance in our savings account is in part a result from a $200 voluntary assessment per homeowner from many years ago for the purpose of assisting with legal fees in supporting ILE in its efforts to protect the best interest of the neighborhood in addressing the development of the vacant property to our immediate west. Although a substantial portion of that assessment was spent, it is estimated that about $5,000 remains.  

    Item #4 - Election of Board members
    John Haun & Sue Webster, both of Section 1, received 35 votes.  For Section 2, Tracy Pinto received 34 votes and Joe Pavona received 36 votes. For Section 3, Sean Looman received 35 votes and Pat Lipsey received 36 votes. All ballots are considered to be received and the above names have been voted into the ILEHA Board of Directors.
    Item #5 - Announcements
    We were all reminded to drive carefully. Without sidewalks, our children, bikers and walkers use the street. There is no dumping of any kind in the  “narrows”, or the commons area on Sequoia. The Bylaws of the Association and the Deed Restrictions will be located on the website.
    Item #6 - Other business
    No new business was brought forth

    Item #7 - Adjournment
    Kunwar Rajendra moved that we adjourn, Marta Barron seconded, motion carried.

    Respectfully submitted
    Pat Lipsey

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