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  • Dear ILE Neighbors:

    Our neighbor, Kristen Caswell suggested–and I concur–we consider sending emails to the Meridian Township Board members urging smart and responsible planning on the proposed Hannah Farms East project as well as expressing our support for a setting aside and preserving a “swath” of land between ILE and the Hannah Farms property to our west.  Although attending Township meetings and having a show of people is the most impactful, a messaging campaign could be extremely helpful at this point in time.  As mentioned previously, for the first time in 10 years, we appear to have a Board at least willing to listen to our concerns.  Additionally, there appears to be real interest in the concept of creating a land preservation zone between ILE property and the land under development to our west.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity and “flood” them with emails from our homeowners.

    I have attached some key points for your consideration in composing an email to send off to the Meridian Township Board.  We have taken this approach as opposed to drafting a “form” message/letter as it will be more demonstrative than simply being too cookie cutter.  Having the Key Points as a guide will not only help us all stay on message but also allow for each message to be personalized.

    I have also attached a map that may be helpful in orienting the land area we are addressing.  If you have not driven this area, I would strongly urge you to do so.  It is really an eye opener!  Another thing to keep in mind is that the final parcel, yet to be developed, is the land directly adjacent to our subdivision and is the property where we are suggesting that land be persevered in its natural state (so marked on the map).  This property is currently zoned single family but please know it also includes non-residential uses such as churches, schools, senior centers, assisted living and nursing care, condos, etc.  And from what I understand from the Township Development Director, that non-residential use has been the discussion that he has been hearing.  Further, there is no guarantee that this Board or a future Board may not change the zoning.  Therefore, creating the land preservation between our property and theirs will protect us, regardless of how all this plays out.

    I have been informed by the Planning and Development Director, Mark Kielselbach that the Hannah Farms East project will NOT be on the June 6th. Board meeting Agenda.  It is currently schedule to be on for the June 20th meeting and is scheduled for action (vote).  Therefore, please mark your calendars and plan on attending and supporting our effort.  If possible, let’s try and send our emails not later than June 16th.  We would suggest a salutation of:

    Dear Supervisor Styka, Clerk Dreyfus, Treasurer Brixie, Trustee Deschaine, Trustee Herring Jackson, Trustee Opsommer, and Trustee Sundland:

    Using the suggested salutation and then including all Board member emails in the “To” field will allow you to just send one email.  The individual email addresses are as follows:  styka@meridian.mi.us; dreyfus@meridian.mi.us; brixie@meridian.mi.us; deschaine@meridian.mi.us; herringjackson@meridian.mi.us; opsommer@meridian.mi.us; sundland@meridian.mi.us

    I would also recommend including a cc to the Township Manager, Frank Walsh…… walsh@meridian.mi.us

    Finally, please be sure and sign your email with your name and address.

    Thank you for your support and please share this with neighbors who may not be on our email list as well as with others in our community that may be supportive of our position.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Kindest Regards,   Joe

    PS:  You may have noticed that I have changed from using the term “buffer” zone to land preservation.  I have learned that the term buffer is defined by the Township and is only a 40 foot piece of property.  Therefore, let’s try and stay away from that.  Land preservation also implies the use of the Land Preservation Program that we all pay into when we pay our taxes.

    Key Points-Hannah Farms East May 21 2017

    Hannah Farms Map

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