• Township Board Meeting Lodges-Capstone

  • Dear Indian Lakes Estates Neighbors:

    I have been contacted by Mark Kieselback, Planning and Development Director for Meridian Township, informing that the latest phase of the Lodges/Capstone project will be taken up by the Board at their meeting tomorrow Tuesday May 2nd.  I understand that the meeting starts at 6 pm and this item is near the top of the agenda.  This particular phase under consideration has been recommended for approval to the Board by the Planning Commission.  I will try and secure additional information today and pass it along.  There will not be a vote on the project at this meeting as it is only up for discussion.  However, please know that making our feelings known on the proposed plan is best addressed at this meeting.  Waiting until the meeting when the Board schedules a vote, is generally too late to change agreements or positions that may have already been reached.

    One point to keep in mind, especially given the large amount of rain that we have received this spring, is the impact that projects of this type have on our environment and wetlands.  I have reached out to the County Drain Commissioner and hope to have a conversation with him on Monday.  Although, he (Pat Lindeman) was involved early on with the project, I think it is becoming clear that changing weather patterns are becoming the norm and therefore it may be time to reconsider the earlier position that he had taken.  Additionally, the Board’s failure to ensure that this project is consistent with the Township’s master plan also continues to be problematic.  The project is really not “multi-use” with a variety of diverse opportunities that protects the rural character of the community, but, continues only to be extremely dense student housing; even though the University, as well as other local authorities, have made it clear that we are facing a glut of this type of housing.  The demographics show that the college student age population will be declining in to the future and the warning signs have been shared but ignored.

    Thank you for your interest and please consider attending if possible.  Our presence is always important in protecting the interest of our community vis-s-vis that of the developers. 

    Kind Regards,   Joe  

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